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"Parents have the right to direct the education of their children. As radicals sacrifice academics and achievement and instead focus on demographics and racial differences, parents need transparency in the school curriculum and the ability to file complaints that lead to resolution." - State Representative John Carson

Why Do we Need a Bill of Rights?

Georgia parental rights statutes are scattered all over Georgia law. Creating a Parent Bill of Rights puts these statutes in one place eliminating confusion and provides guidelines for government agencies.

k-12 education

Parents know what is best for their minor children!  As Democrats pursue to eliminate gender, push classes that focus on race and work to eliminate academic standards, parents need transparency in the school curriculum and a way to file complaints about violations.

school District transparency requirements

Each school board shall adopt transparency requirements.  


Despite the wonders of modern medicine and technology to enable doctors to maximize quality healthcare, they are not perfect. 

There are medical decisions which require a careful balance between medical advancements, quality of life and faith based considerations. No one is more qualified to make medical decisions for minor children than loving parents .


Sex Ed, Critical Race Theory Among Education-Related Bills Awaiting Georgia Lawmakers

Conservatives in Georgia are focusing on education ahead of the state's next legislative session, which is set to start Monday. The top issues appear to be the regulation of what teachers can say about race and censoring any online or library materials that could be deemed "obscene." Other restrictions could include sex education and transgender women playing sports.

We Need a Parents’ Bill of Right

National legislation will help in fighting back against CRT madness.

Republicans Release ‘Parent Bill Of Rights’ To Back Efforts At Public School Oversight

A new bill House Republican leadership is describing as a “parents’ bill of rights” would write into federal education law transparency requirements for curriculum and spending, two annual parent-teacher meetings, and that parents sign consent forms before schools mine their childrens’ private data and administer health procedures.

Teacher Unions, Parents Gird for 2022 Battles

Over the last year, school board meetings have become ground zero for the country’s culture wars as irate parents have showed up in droves to decry school COVID closures, mask mandates, and critical race theory, as well as transgender policies.

Parents Bill of Rights

Over the past nearly two years, we have seen a troubling trend take root in the Democrat Party. Their elected officials want to take power away from parents and hand over more control to politicians and teachers unions to dictate what our children should be taught in classrooms.

Rep. john carson, hd 46

“If school administrators don’t want parents seeing what is taught in the classroom, chances are, it shouldn’t be in the classroom.”

Rep. John Carson
An Atlanta native, John is a CPA with over 25 years’ experience in senior-level finance.  He has 18 years of Georgia public education, including a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Kennesaw State University.  John and his wife, Beverly, have been married since 2005 and have two children. Their family attends Johnston Ferry Baptist Church and previously attended Mount Paran North Church of God for more than 10 years.

Children need to be raised and represented by parents who love them, not by disconnected government officials. When it comes to raising children, parents are better than the government.

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